Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Missouri Coalition for Quality Care

The Missouri Coalition for Quality Care is a non profit advocacy organization for recipients of long-term-care. 
Our mission is simple. We believe that Missourians who need care should receive good care.


Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

What is Abuse?
Who Can Report Abuse?
What Information Do I Have to Report?
What Happens After I Make A Report?
What About My Rights?
Adult Protective Services?

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MCQC is a member of The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care.


7:00 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week
Also available 24/7
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MCQC Launches New Website

November 16, 2021
After years of success, MCQC has launched a new website and digital presence to help them reach a greater number of people.
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About MCQC

In every community across this country vulnerable older adults are being abused, neglected, and exploited. Yet in many instances their plight is ignored or minimized. Society tends to view older persons as burdens rather than as valued individuals who are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Many incidents of abuse go unreported because older persons are embarrassed, ashamed, or fearful of losing the help they need from family members or caregivers to remain in their homes. As the number of older adults in our population increases, the incidence of elder abuse will almost certainly increase. We can take action to address this issue.
Founded in 1987, MCQC has grown to a membership of over 700. The majority of our members are Missourians but many from other States have joined MCQC because of their interest and concern in improving quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents and recipients of in-home health care services.
If you are interested in helping MCQC reach more people and further our mission, consider becoming a member or donating!
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Missouri House of Representatives 2024

HB 1493 Griffith, DaveModifies provisions relating to tort actions based on improper health care. This bill is the same as HB 128 (2023) and HB 1561 (2022).Last action: 01/04/2024 - Read Second Time. HB 1680 Davis, MichaelCreates provisions relating to delegation of tasks by licensed health care professionals.Last action: 01/04/2024 - Read Second Time. HB […]

Missouri Senate 2024

SB 807 Black, RustyRepeals the geographic proximity requirements, including mileage or distance, on collaborative practice arrangements between physicians and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). MCQC supports the removal of any barrier for APRNs that limits their ability to provide care to nursing home residents.Last action: 01/09/2024 - Read Second Time and Referred to Governmental Accountability […]
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