Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

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Have a voice in improving long-term care for the elderly and disabled.

Founded in 1987, MCQC has grown to a membership of over 700. The majority of our members are Missourians but many from other States have joined MCQC because of their interest and concern in improving quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents and recipients of in-home health care services.

• Care about someone who lives in a nursing home?
• Care about someone who receives in-home care?
• Feel frustrated or confused about long term care services?
• We need as many members as possible to bring about change!

Member: $30 per year
Senior Citizen: $15 per year
Quality Care: Recurring Membership (any amount)
Nursing Home Resident: Free

Do you have an affiliation with, or a financial interest in a long-term care facility or an in-home or home health agency? Please fill out the paper form so we can verify there isn’t a conflict of interest before processing your payment!

For joining MCQC you will receive:

1. A free e-mail subscription to the MCQC News, which is a quarterly electronic news letter. (or Blog, whichever we have)
2. A free speaker to your group or organization, upon request
3. Advertisement of the State Elderly Abuse Hotline
4. An up-to-date informational website
5. Access to a listing of Nursing Home Resident’s Rights
6. Legislative updates and monitoring of proposed legislation affecting Missouri seniors and disabled citizens.

To join send membership form and a check payable to MCQC to:

Missouri Coalition for Quality Care
P.O. Box 7165
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Email to:

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