Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Report Adult Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

About Us

The Missouri Coalition for Quality Care is a non profit advocacy organization for recipients of long-term-care. Our mission is simple. We believe that Missourians who need care should receive good care.

We strongly support funding for home-related services such as home health, personal care, transportation and the basics such as home delivered meals. Programs such as these help individuals avoid entry into nursing homes or other long term care facilities. Should an individual have to enter a nursing home, we work to ensure that they receive good care while they are a resident of the facility.

It is important to note that many Missouri health care providers promote and maintain good services for individuals in their care. This includes services in the home as well as institutional care.

It is equally important to mention that there are also individuals and companies working in the long term care arena who do not provide good services resulting in the abuse and neglect of individuals in their care.

The Missouri Coalition for Quality Care was created to help those who can not help themselves. It is sad that some seniors have become forgotten citizens. You can help change that by joining us in our mission. Help us eliminate abuse and neglect in our State.

MCQC Mission

The mission of MCQC is to improve the quality of care and quality of life of residents in long-term care facilities and recipients of in-home care.


Many have faced the situation when elderly relatives or friends are no longer able to remain independent. They need a place where someone will take care of them-a place where kind and caring people will help them with their needs and treat them with dignity and respect. They should have the right to quality of care.
No one should die from malnutrition, dehydration and bedsores from bad care or no care. Yet it happens in nursing homes across Missouri. The American Health Care Association states that malnutrition, dehydration and bedsores "are common conditions associated with the frail elderly, especially at the end of life: MCQC thinks that the elderly deserve better.

Nursing homes residents have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. They also have other rights, those listed on a copy of "Resident Rights" posted on the wall of a nursing home or described in papers given to families when a love one enters a nursing home facility.
The Missouri Coalition for Quality Care reminds you that if you are aware of abuse or neglect of an elderly or handicapped individual, you should call the elderly abuse and neglect hotline.
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